J Parker & Sons Photos

I’ve just about completed work on J Parker & Sons. Here are a few photos that show the final result of some details and weeds. The photos have been digitally enhanced slightly to cover the fascia and the backdrop when this could be seen at the edges of the photos. Otherwise the photos show the modelling as is, warts and all; such as the sign being skew if. I’ll have to wait till it falls off from age before I can fix it.

Stopping For A ChatBack YardThe Main Building

2 thoughts on “J Parker & Sons Photos

  1. Trevor,

    What a great series of photos.
    I particularly liked the one you posted on the Aus7 Modellers Group Website at https://aus7.org/.
    I noticed from the lack of a number plate that the Holden van is about to be re-registered , or scrapped?
    The constant inspiration I receive from your modelling might yet persuade me to start another layout.


    • John,
      The ever so slightly dodgy proprietor does a profitable sideline in car “restoration” where rego plates migrate from one car to another. The sign on the side of the building should probably read “J Parker & Sons Modern Recyclers and Car Re-Birthers” 🙂

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