Love Hate (Revisited)

For those of you who have only recently been reading this blog, my main blog topic over the last couple of months has been the work I’ve been putting into my layout “Morpeth” as I attempt to get it ready for an exhibition in March, 2014. In that time I’ve occasionally thought about a post I made on a Yahoo! group a number of years ago as I worked on getting my previous layout, Queens Wharf, ready for an exhibition. I don’t know exactly why this post has been on my mind but once I thought I might like to re-read it I found I really needed to find it. I actually think I’d become slightly obsessed about finding it. The reason I couldn’t track it down was that I couldn’t remember the title I’d given it or when I’d posted it! It’s taken me about 6 months to find it but tonight I finally tracked it down! So now I’m going to inflict it on you.

Love Hate (circa Feburary, 2006)

Do you know what I love?

– Having to get ready for an exhibition: nothing else serves as a better spur for getting some modelling done than getting ready for an exhibition or a visit by a modelling friend. It concentrates the mind and the energies

Do you know what I hate?

– Having to get ready for an exhibition! The sage advice when you’re running out of time is to concentrate on what needs to be done to get things working reliably. This is excellent advice but the only problem is I’m so busy I don’t have time to stop and decide what needs to be done: I’ve got an exhibition to get ready for!

Do you know what I love?

– Having a nice big shed: I’ve got enough room to park my trailer, set up the layout and have a couple of work tables set up all in the one place.

Do you know what I hate?

– Having a nice big shed: the amount of crap that can be spread around a big shed is absolutely amazing! And why is it that, when you’re working in the shed every bloody tool you need is inside the house and you only realise that you need those tools one at a time?

Do you know what I love?

– 5 minute Araldite (epoxy glue): I can never seem to get the parts I’m gluing with full strength Araldite to stay in place long enough for the glue to go off because it’s so slippery.

Do you know what I hate?

5 minute Araldite: after 6 minutes!

Do you know what I love?

– Little trundle wheels: currently I’ve got a layout, a tool box/work bench and a chair on wheels. Having your stuff on wheels is the best thing ever and if I could put the shed on wheels I’d do that too!

Do you know what I hate?

– Little trundle wheels: why is it that the chair on wheels is always on the opposite side of the shed from my backside?

Do you know what I love?

– DCC sound decoders: these are without a doubt the best things to come along in years.

Do you know what I hate?

– DCC sound decoders: after about the same amount of time it takes the 5 minute Araldite to go off. Where is button number 8?

Do you know what I love?

– This hobby.


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