The Awning, Finally!

Alas, I have to go back to work in a few days and so progress on the station will slow considerably. So I’m working to get as much completed as possible before the end of the school break. I’ve been happy to work on the frame of the station awning for a number of reasons, not the least of these being that I’m working with styrene: a material I find a pleasure to work with due to its ease of working and it’s versatility. Let’s face it, the main building is a box with bricks on it while the awning is light and a stark contrast to the weight and mass of the building. I’ve been looking forward to this stage of the build for quite a while.

I’ve essentially chosen to build the awning pretty much the way it would have been built on the prototype. The building and platform would have been completed first with the awning attached to these structures. After making the decision to beef up the posts to .125 square styrene I pondered how I was going to get the brackets that I’m having cast to sit properly in relation to the posts. Each of the six front posts has four diagonal brackets attached to their tops and these need to be centred on the associated joists that sit inside the roof structure. I needed the roof cross beams to be centred on the posts, not attached to their sides, the most convenient way to arrange things. To overcome this minor problem I milled a small slot in the top of each post, allowing the cross beam to sit centred on the post and making the later installation of the diagonal brackets a lot simpler.

I devoted the modelling time I had today to completing the awning framework and I’ve managed to attach the guttering. I can’t progress too much further than this until I have the brackets back from the caster as I don’t like to glue over the top of paint. In addition, I have a few figures on order from the UK, along with a couple of other platform details, and these will take a while to get ready for installation. These need to be prepared and positioned on the platform before the awning is finally re-installed after painting. So work on the station is going to have to go into recess for a little while until these components are in hand. In the mean time I have a number of jobs I’d like to complete on other parts of the layout: these include the final wiring of the fiddleyard/turntable, some trim and painting on the exterior of the fiddleyard module and the permanent installation of some components to allow my DCC system to be hooked up for exhibition use quickly and conveniently, rather than the ad hoc arrangement in place at the moment. Once these changes have been made I can think about finalising the scenery around the station when it’s permanently attached to the layout.

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