Queens Wharf Upgrade Pt 2

I completed the Queens Wharf station scene as far as possible in the workroom so there wasn’t much left to do but carry it up to the layout and plug it into the slot allocated to it. This new station is a much larger structure and longer scene than the original Queens Wharf. I was able to extend the yard at this location when I built the layout and installed the QW modules into this larger layout so this scene takes advantage of the extra length.

I shot a few photos of the progress. There’s no ballast as yet and the scenic modules are just temporarily placed into position so the scene is not complete. That will have to wait till I alter the track leading to the dairy in front of the buildings I removed a few days back. When I reinstall the buildings at that spot, which start just beyond the signal box, I’ll gradually ballast the track in this yard.

This is an overall shot of the station in place on the layout
The original QW station was this wooden platform modeled after the prototype. It simply butts up to the new, timber faced platform
This is the signal box in its final location just at the end of the new platform. The entry to the dairy siding is just behind the locomotive

7 thoughts on “Queens Wharf Upgrade Pt 2

  1. Trevor, I have been following your story for sometime, it is a great pity more people put up their story and experiences in modelling. Queen’s Wharf is looking good.
    Ken B.

  2. Ross,
    I can’t be certain but I can surmise. The Es aren’t actually a different colour, they are missing {or alternately) they’ve been sprayed or brushed over with black paint. I’ve seen a photo or a piece of film footage (I can’t remember which) of the Morpeth line where one of the letters on the Raworth station sign is in the same condition. This leads me to assume that some local vandals were at work either removing letters or painting them over. I don’t know when aerosol spray spray cans were introduced but as these photos date from either the late 40s or early 50s my money would be on the removal of the letters rather than over painting. Carrying a screw driver is a lot easier than carrying a pot of paint and brush. As to why. who knows?

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