Code 125 #6 Turnout Pattern

I’ve spent a couple of days working on building some turnouts and after complaining on the phone to Glenn Scott at ModelOKits that things would be so much simpler and quicker with a cast code 125 #6 frog I found myself volunteering to make a pattern so a cast version can be made available. After-all, I was making a code 125 frog for one of the turnouts I was building anyway so making two and turning one into a pattern wasn’t too much extra work. It seems to take me between 2 and 3 hours to make a single frog from scratch from NS rail. Using a casting costs you the price of the casting but you save the time it would have taken to make it from scratch and you know the flange-ways and other dimensions are consistent.

In spite of an unforgiving cruel close up I’m quite happy with the way this has come out. The flange-ways are a smidge over the recommended 1.75mm at 1.80mm but I find easing these out ever so slightly allows for the less than perfect back-to-back measurements of the wheels we’re often dealing with.

This is the second frog pattern I’ve made: I made the code 100 version that is sold by ModelOKits something like 8 years ago. I made that one for Dave Morris at Waratah Model Railway Co and they passed over to ModelOKits when they purchased Waratah a few years ago.

The bracing in the flange-ways and the bolt detail on the side of the rail is pure aesthetics and serves no purpose other than to add time to the build. However the code 100 cast frog has these details so I thought I may as well add them to this pattern to match the older castings.

Glenn told me he was probably going to retail the resulting casting so if you want some get onto him and let him know. He might have the ready for sale at the April Aus7 Forum.

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