I Like Tank Wagons

While I’ve been rearranging my workshop I have managed to get a little work done on a modelling project. Many years ago I put a couple of Lloyd’s Model Railways kits for the NSWR SCA 3000 gal tanker wagon together. These were eventually sold off when I changed scales around 2000 but I have always had a soft spot for these wagons and tank wagons more generally.

You’ll have to excuse the quality of this photo. The wagon is still a little too shiny to allow for a really clear photo. It needs a bit of a squirt with some dull coat and perhaps a little weathering to bring out the detail..

Over the past couple of months I’ve been assembling an O-Aust kits, SCA 3000 Gal tank wagon (now available from ModelOKits) which I’ve had in the cupboard for quite a while. I found the wagon a middle level challenge to build, not so much due to the design of the kit but for the same reason I found the HO wagon challenging to build all those years ago: the chassis and the tank really have to be painted separately and then assembled and this needs some thought and planning prior to assembly.

As I worked my way through the assembly process I found that the materials and the wagon were very familiar and this kit bears a lot of resemblances to the HO wagon but with some significant improvements over those kits. I found the assembly of the walkways and ladders in etched brass allowed for a much more robust construction method because they allowed for a better anchor into the tank. These protrude quite significantly and are prone to damage and I feel that the O-scale version are likely to stand up to the rigors of operation far more readily. The cast detail items are all crisp and needed only minor clean up and I found the decals were a good representation of the prototype.

The final paint job was achieved with Dura Max spray cans. I decided to try a metallic silver for the tank. While this may not be terribly true to the prototype it does give the wagon some bling! 🙂 I will tone this down with Dullcote and weathering later. Overall i really enjoyed this build project and have started straight into another project, this time and S wagon.

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