4 thoughts on “ModelOKits Sleeper Base Video

  1. Trevor,
    I agree with your comments. The combination of the Fast Tracks jigs and the Model O Kits sleeper base is a great time saver. I have now built 6 for that “Impossible Layout:’ and I have been very impressed with the results particularly as they were also my first hand-laid turnouts.

    Thanks Glenn!


  2. John,

    You were the “friend” I mentioned in the video who had built the point and of whom I was “going to take their word for it”. Your name would have been mud if I’d stuffed things up of course 🙂

  3. Hi Trevor & John, Thank you for the positive feedback. We are stocking both the code 100 and code 125 number 6 NSWGR point sleeper layouts now (based on Greg Edwards track manual datasheets). Before releasing them (and after I gave Trevor one of our early ones to test) we made some modifications based on feedback from John (additional spike holes), as well as supplying them in their original skeleton for protection and to use as a laying jig. We have based the code 100 on using the cast frog we supply and the code 125 is based on using a rail fabricated frog from the fast track jigs.as we do not have a cast frog available in code 125.

    Due to size (length) limitations on our laser cutter, we are limited in overall length we can produce and will be limited to a slightly truncated No7 point in one piece or if there is sufficient interest and acceptance we can do larger straight and curved layouts in two pieces to be joined together.

    The sleeper layouts are cut from 3mm ply, again due to limitations of cutting depth. For my layout I am using Micro Engineering flex track (sleeper height 3.9mm) with 3mm high density EVA foam underlay for sound deadening. For my points I am building using the sleeper layouts at 3mm thick and a 4mm marine ply base. This gives a good solid base for the points and the joining heights of the track to the points is close.

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