Skyrail’s First Locomotive Run

I got the piece of suspended roadbed I’ve been lightheartedly calling “skyrail” wired up and all the track leading up to it laid today and was able to test a locomotive over it. As the track doesn’t yet extend beyond the end of the hanging section on the far end the loco doesn’t get too far but I’m excited about it enough to post this video on Youtube. Sorry for how muddy and dark it is, the lighting conditions on the stairs are quite challenging.

4 thoughts on “Skyrail’s First Locomotive Run

  1. Excellent progress.

    Is the loco the tallest piece of equipment that will run on the line? Looks like the overhead clearance could be limiting.

  2. Nice enginering there Trevor
    I’m sure the clearance as mentioned in the comments is just a saw cut to enlarge the 44 roof line is low compared to other NSW locos 8.5mm between a 44 roof line and C38 streamline cowling top.
    But have you checked the over hang on the curve the 44 looks to go close to the outer wall with the C38 the over hang may get really close.
    Worth checking before you go to far.

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