Holes In The Sky

I’m not sure whether I’ve ever mentioned this here but I spent a portion of my misspent youth training as a carpenter. I never realized that this would come back to bite me when my better half had me slaving in her walk-in robe this past weekend installing a set of cupboards. Any normal person, who didn’t have a partner who had been partly trained as a carpenter 40 years ago, would get someone who knows what they’re doing in to do such work. Or at least they might have bought flat packs. I was presented with a pile of melamine planks which I proceeded to cut, trim and swear at for most of Saturday and a portion of Sunday morning. On a positive note the builder of the house stopped by to argue with Louise about who was going to have to bear the cost of altering a vanity unit and he asked me if I did this professionally. I said “no, I have to sleep with the home owner to get the work” but I was very chuffed about being mistaken for a “professional”. I also got a “wow” from Louise and a “you could make a living doing this” which coming from her was high praise indeed. She does her own skirting boards so she knows her way around a mitre saw! 🙂

Because of being in wardrobe mode I wasn’t able to get to the layout over the weekend but have had some leave to indulge myself over the past few days and things have been moving a pace!

As can be seen the backdrop is in place and the holes cut for the passage of track and trains. I can now get moving on laying some track.

I won’t bore you with a description of the number of times I trooped up and down the stairs between the workshop and the train room or the complicated sequence of laying track-bed so I could check calculations for the holes that needed to be cut in the backdrop but without being able to install things permanently yet but take my word for it, the D-Day invasions were a simple exercise in logistics by comparison. I could have used Eisenhower and Marshall to lend a hand today but all I had was Phil, and a sterling job he did too 🙂

The key step that needed to be taken was the permanent installation of the photo backdrop and I was just about ready for that to happen today. Phil had agreed to come over and help me but he was on a tight schedule so we had no time to spare. I’d screwed the backdrop into place over the past couple of days but I needed to cut two holes in the backdrop before we could install this and these had to be checked for clearance before we could finally stick the backdrop to the MDF. After a bit of cleaning, sanding and line marking with the laser level we were ready to go and things went pretty well in my opinion. We had a quick chat and Phil was off to the dentist or the gerontologist or some such medical practitioner. I was left to ponder my next move and started laying track. Yipeee! 🙂

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