Backdrop Tests

I managed to get the MDF backdrop installed over the last couple of days and rolled out the photo backdrop I have to test it for size. It isn’t quite long enough to go the full length of what I need but I have a plan to bridge the gap in an unobtrusive corner to the left of this photo. If I can install the backdrop I’m right to start laying a bit of new track.

After I’d installed the backdrop MDF backer I clamped the photo backdrop in place to evaluate it and test it for length. I’m happy enough and using the one I already have on hand will allow me to progress to track laying which is what I’m really looking forward to.

I also found some time to cut and lay the table tops for the storage yards. I wanted to ensure that the line of the central track was perfectly in line with the line of the turntable when it’s at “home”: exactly parallel to the edge of the table. I couldn’t rely on the table as I knew it wasn’t perfectly square so I got out my laser level and set it up to throw a ling down the center of the storage table and across the track on the turntable. By sighting along this line I could easily work out when the track would be in perfect alignment. Once this line of track is laid the other storage sidings can be laid using this as a datum.

I haven’t convinced myself that I’ve got a perfectly parallel line as yet but this photo illustrates what I’m getting at far better than me trying to explain it in words. I know the track on the turntable is exactly parallel with the edge of the table. By sighting down the laser line I can easily tell if the track will be lined up with this or not. Easy as! ๐Ÿ™‚

I’ve been booked up by the better half to build her a wardrobe tomorrow but I hope to have some new track laid in the storage sidings before the weekend is out. I might also be able to get some track laid on the scenic portion of the layout if I can convince some friends to come over for the day to help me hang the backdrop in place. Many hands and all that… ๐Ÿ™‚

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