Storage Bench-work

Based on some measurements and adjustments to my track plan I find I’m able to add a short coal branch-line to the layout. However this addition requires a grade be added to two different locations. One of these grades required the storage lines and turntable be lowered by 30mm. Not much you might think but it required all four legs to be removed from the small table I constructed last weekend so I could lop the required amount of timber from the top of these. I screwed the resulting shorter legs back into position and I was finally ready to put some effort into constructing the benchwork for the storage sidings: a project I’d planned to start two weeks ago but which life seemed to keep delaying.

These frames are simple ladders constructed from 3×1″ pine, screwed together using 8G, 40mm long wood screws. I chose to place one pair of legs at the end of each frame and use the previous piece of benchwork to hold the frame off the floor at the other end rather than give each section its own set of four legs which was starting to feel like a bit of overkill.

I only managed to find the time to make up the frames and place them on their legs before I ran out of time. They need to be topped with a layer of 12mm ply. This will cover about 2/3 of the surface of the frames with the other section allowing for the risers of the new coal branch which will run above and behind the storage lines. The end of the benchwork nearest the camera will have a timber “plate” attached to it that will run the full width of the storage sidings, the new coal branch and the end of the adjacent layout which is Morpeth. This plate will tie the two sections of layout together and will allow for the installation of the benchwork that will carry two large curves down this end of the room. It was the need for this plate that saw me jump to constructing this part of the layout a couple of weeks ago.

The best laid plans…

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