The First Step

I decided I really was over lighting at the housings for them so I took a very small step along the road to building a new layout today. A couple of friends came over and gave me a hand making a short length of new bench-work for the Morpeth line.

While the bench-work for Morpeth is already way lower than I’d prefer, getting a drop section installed to allow for scenery to be below track level makes for even lower bench-work. The underside of the 3×1’s in this shot are about 600mm above the floor. That’s 2′ in old money.

We started work by chopping up and bolting a slab of 6″ wide pine to one end of Queens Wharf to act as a plate between the old part of the layout and this new section. This part of the layout is really the only viable place for a bridge scene and to get a reasonable drop below grade I needed to drop the bench-work lower than the level of the pre-existing layouts.

Where the camera is located in this shot will be taken up with more bench-work very shortly and this will probably drop even lower to provide the course of the river the bridge will be crossing. The bridge will start at roughly the location of the first cross beam on the right and cross the join between this section of bench-work and a second piece I’d like to make over the weekend. A new backdrop will be installed as soon the bench-work is in place.

I’ll get the lights installed when my electrician gets back from his holidays! 🙂

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