Six Boxes

After installing four lighting boxes on the shorter of the train rooms two long walls I got up there this morning and placed six in the long ceiling.

Utilizing my $6.50 Bunnings purchases today I got the second batch of lighting boxes installed down the long side of the room after placing four on the other side yesterday.

I covered Queens Wharf with some cheap plastic drop sheets before starting to prevent plaster dust from getting onto the layout. It’s a bugger to get off once it settles on scenery so this was the best solution. I still have to make the face plates for all of the boxes from more MDF and I need to paint them too but the painting can waiting till after the electrician has been to install the lights within the next couple of weeks. I want to leave the screw heads exposed until after he finishes just in case the pelmets need to come off for some reason. Once I’ve filled the countersink holes, sanded and painted this will be impossible to achieve without damage.

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