A New Toy

I spent this morning shopping for paint. The colour scheme for the new train room didn’t take long to choose: white ceiling and blue walls. I want to install some cheapish vertical blinds on the windows so I paid a visit to a local paint and blind shop. They showed me the colour range in their “basic” vertical blind range and this was then paired with a Dulux paint colour that perfectly matches the colour of the blinds. I don’t expect the blinds to disappear but they need to be as unobtrusive as possible. The low backdrops I eventually install on the layout will take care of drawing operators into the scene in close up views but this colour matching will mean that the sky of the backdrops, the walls and blinds are all reasonably close in tone. Well that’s the plan 🙂

The plasterer spent the morning sanding down the final coat of joint compound. He cleaned up and drove off and that means the work is finished! Except for paint, as my partner Louise so helpfully pointed out. Thanks for always curbing my enthusiasm gorgeous 🙂

This shot shows the “before” effect of the work. The hatches to the vacant spaces behind the walls are now installed and there’s skirting boards right round the room. The blue paint will go up to the second horizontal joint with the field beyond will be white. This should help brighten the room by reflecting light down from the flourescent fixtures.

The blind and paint shop I visited happens to be next door to a really good trade outlet for tools (heaven) so I popped in their, just to have a look around you understand 🙂 I’ve been longing to buy myself a laser level for a number of years but I could never justify the price of purchase, especially as I wasn’t building anything that required one. They used to run to $600 or $700 for the cheapest type a few years ago but, as is the way of the world, I figured it wouldn’t be too long before the Chinese flooded the market with perfectly good generic laser levels and so it turned out. I picked up a new toy for under $AU150 and what a sweet little gadget it is. It’s self levelling and can be attached to a normal camera tripod if necessary. The most recent spirit level I bought a few years ago was half the price of this thing and while I wouldn’t be without it I have a feeling it will be getting far less use in this project than it used to. I don’t even need my glasses to see the levels! 🙂

While I would have loved to get my hands on one of the laser levels that throws a line right round the room this stationary type will more than serve my needs in building a layout.

Why a laser level? I’ve been involved in building something like 15 layouts over the past 25 years or so and I can’t think of anything that will be more useful in laying out and establishing the datum points for my new layout than this gadget. I can envisage at least half a dozen ways I can use it to ensure the layout is level all round and that the grades to a new level are smooth. OMG! I wish I’d had one of these 25 years ago. Most of the layouts I built in my first few years of modelling might have lasted beyond the prototype stage if I’d had one! 🙂

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