Debbie Does Morpeth

Well I’ve had an interesting 48 hours. After tropical Cyclone Debbie got through with the mid north coast of Queensland she decided to make a show of leaving by dumping almost 400mm (about 16″) of rain on the north coast of NSW and SE Qld in 24 hours. I’ve lived in parts of NSW where the farmers would be extremely happy if 400mm of rain was their annual rainfall total! 🙂 Murwillumbah got all of this rain and then some. I’ve been flooded in at home for the past 12 hours with no power and my work has been shut since yesterday morning. I wasn’t able to reach my school yesterday morning before we closed it and seven of my staff who did make it got trapped in town overnight.

In a rather surreal incident my electrician turned up in the middle of the downpour yesterday to put some work into installing lights in my new train room. He came back to the house to say that some boxes were sitting in water on the bottom level and that the upper floor had a leak. I already knew about the leaking roof and was consulting a builder just the other day to talk about getting it fixed and lining my train room. Ironically he said that it would be good to see the leak during rain to see where it’s coming from. I rang and asked him yesterday whether 400mm was enough rain to carry out this task! 🙂

Of course the “boxes” sitting in water were train items. Nothing very valuable but even track and scenery needs to be dry. After a lot of rushing about and swearing I got everything off the floor and then took a look upstairs to see what water was getting in.

Sorry about the rotten quality of this photo but with no artificial light and only my phone to take the photo with and I was struggling to get a clear shot. This shows the puddle of water upstairs in the new “train” room. No trains yet, just a realistic water feature.

There was about 2 buckets of water sitting in a couple of big puddles on the wooden flooring so I got stuck in this morning and mopped it up. i know it was about 2 buckets because that’s how many buckets of water I threw onto the already soaked garden after I’d finished.

There’s a large sliding glass door on this level of the shed and it has a beautiful view across the sugar cane fields that surround Murwillumbah.

This photo shows the view from my train room over the cane fields. That island you can see is just a hill rising from normally dry fields.

I’ve just been told by the power company that there’s a good chance that they’ll have to turn the power off again as there are some residents who have their power meters close to the flood waters so the adventure isn’t over yet!

3 thoughts on “Debbie Does Morpeth

  1. Wow, sounds like quite the adventure! Here in Idaho, USA, we had a good two inches today in 24 hours which is one-forth of our annual rainfall! Sounds minor compared to you! Hope you dry out soon!

  2. Glad you are safe despite your travails. We had over 18″ of rain in a single storm when we lived in Naperville Illinois several years ago — sure found out where the low spots were. Bill Ufelman

  3. Trevor,

    Hope you are still O.K. with no further water incursions. Tonight’s TV certainly indicated that many in Murwillumbah have had a great deal of damage.

    Thinking of you,

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