7 thoughts on “Pioneer On Pier

  1. Looks great Trevor,
    Can I admit to being jealous of your progress?
    I have consumed too many modelling hours resolving the 45 saga.

    • John,

      You can admit anything you like I’m not very happy with the running qualities of Pioneer if we’re being totally honest. She runs ok but I’ve never been very happy with the motor/gearbox combination that was supplied with the kit. It will have to do for now. I’m working on the assumption that I might have the layout exhibition ready sometime this year or possibly early next year. So if you count where the layout was up to in March 2014 to now (that’s almost 3 years) then the progress isn’t all that flash really is it?

      Trevor Hodges Murwillumbah Australia Why settle for half when you can have the whole O? See my blog at https://7mmaussie.wordpress.com/

  2. Trevor
    The rail on the trestle is very obviously without dog spikes, Are you going to add them later?

    As the trestle is so much on show have you considered these plates for Code 100 rail:

    Or in case you have Code 125 then these:

    And don’t forget these 4 Bolt Fishplates:

    Sorry, I didn’t mean this to be an advertisement, just thought they might enhance the scene.

    Ray P

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