J Parker & Sons

The work I’ve been able to get done on the foundry building has been slow but progress has proceeded never-the-less. The first piece of news is that I decided to transform the building and adjacent yard into that great standby of railway modellers: the junk yard. In this case I decided to christen the business as J Parker and Sons Modern Recyclers to give it a business name and function and in the process pay tribute to a friend of mine in the hobby. Another embarrassment for him 🙂

This photo shows the overall arrangement of the building and yard of J Parker & Sons Modern Recyclers. The fencing really brings the scene together.

This photo shows the overall arrangement of the building and yard of J Parker & Sons Modern Recyclers. The fencing really brings the scene together.

I thought long and hard about what sort of business I wanted this building to represent and I would have liked to have installed another building on the site. However in the end I couldn’t find a way to shoehorn in a second structure without crowding the site or creating too much of a view block of the layout behind the scene. I don’t mind interrupting the view of the trains but I don’t want to block it out entirely.

I’ve spent most of my available modelling time this past week painting the Rusty Rails junk castings I mentioned a few posts ago and this will continue over the coming weekend when I’ll give each of these a flat finish, washes of rust, dust and ink and apply some dry brushed sunshine and some powdered weathering. I’ll then bury these around the site.

I put some time into commencing to construct a couple of Model O Kits fence kits of the corrugated iron type. This is the first time I’ve used any of this type of laser cut kits and I found the kits to be of good value and easy to put together. I’ll paint and weather these over the next few days too and then glue them in place.

The only real construction left to complete on this scene is the installation of the various stairs and dock platforms which I’ll undertake while I wait for various paint and weathering washes to dry over the next few days. Once these are made I’ll be gluing everything into position permanently and then cover all the gaps and yellow paint you can see in the photo with ground covers, grass tufts and shrubs to complete the scene and blend the various elements together. I’ll also need to choose and paint a couple of figures from among my vast collection of unused cast figures to populate the scene.

4 thoughts on “J Parker & Sons

    • Gene,
      Yeah it’s been a very interesting build. I’ve never put one of these types of building kits together before so it was interesting to see how the different materials worked together. For instance I’ve never used paper corrugated material before so this was a learning experience and it worked really well. Just about every second railway struture in Australia is made from corro so this building suited the space although there were a few features I couldn’t live with such as the wooden tank on the roof and the lack of awnings over some of the doors. You learn from everything you do.

  1. Trevor,
    I am only slightly “embarrassed”.
    Actually not at all, but in reality honoured.
    It really is something to have your name made “immortal” by including it as part of a layout created by a friend and great modeller, who has always been so keen to promote the hobby by sharing hes interest with others.

  2. Hi Trevor,

    That looks terrific. Well done!
    I’ve only met John a few times, most recently at his home. You couldn’t find a more helpful person to receive advice and encouragement from.
    Kind regards,
    Kim Burke
    PS You can never have too many junkyards on a layout.

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