Lining And Painting

Just to demonstrate that I haven’t been totally idle here is a photo of a couple of the 20s compenents painted and lined. I have a little more to do and it’s been slow going but within a few days I should be ready to apply some initial weathering and then assemble the loco ready for installation of motor and DCC compenents.

84. Lined Components RE#

This photo shows some of the major body components with a layer of basic black paint with red lining. I’m not totally happy with the lining job but it must be ten years since the last time I lined a loco so I’m a little out of practice.

The chassis, wheels and bogies are all still masked off so this is a perfect time to get stuck in a weather these parts as they will be less accessible once the wheels are back in place and I want to avoid having to strip the loco down again. The biggest job left is the installation of the DCC components and lights. All the parts are ready to go but the marker and head lights are still to be made and I need to get these installed before I can declare the loco finished.

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