Details, Details…

I’ve managed to get back to doing some modelling over the last few days and this has meant I’ve been applying details to the major body components of my Z20 scratchbuilt locomotive. I’ve always felt that a major milestone is the application of the Westinghouse pump (if the subject locomotive has one of course): this step seems to indicate that the project is nearing completion. Today I fitted the Westinghouse pump casting to the side tank of the locomotive.

82. Prototype Pump

To show I’m working to a reasonable standard of accuracy I thought I’d include a photo of the real thing just as a way of keeping myself honest. This photo is the pump on 2029 which is preserved at Thirlmere.

I spent some time today adding a couple of detail items to the interior off the cab; a screw reverser, crew seats and some castings of other items that sit on the rear of the tanks. I’ll move onto the backhead of the firebox next. Before moving onto the backhead I wanted to complete the detailing of the tanks inside and so once the interior detail was applied I moved onto the last two items on the exterior; the water filler hatches and the Westinghouse pump.

81. Westinghouse Pump RE

This is a photo of the pump supplied to me as an alternative to the 19 class casting. As can be seen through a comparison with the previous prototype photo, this is a good match for the original.

I have a couple of the castings from the Z19 class kit by Model O Kits and had decided that this casting was a poor match to the pump on the Z20. It had detail that didn’t seem to be present on the photos of the Z20, its components were arranged differently and it seemed to be a lot bigger than the plans I had indictaed the real thing was. A few months ago an acquiantance of mine offered to provide me with some castings from  different class of locomotive he had produced which he felt might be useful for the Z20 and the casting of the Westinghouse pump he sent me was indeed a much better match than the one I had on hand from the Z19. It came as a set of cast parts and I assembled these today before drilling out the holes where pipes will enter and exit. I made up a small metal backing plate to match what I could see in the photos and soldered this to the rear of the pump. I then soldered this assembly to the front of the tank. I also ran a piece of .7mm NS wire to the small “cup” tank that sits on the footplate and soldered this into place. I still have a few pipe runs to make but the side tanks are now essentially complete and I can move onto the backhead detailing.

2 thoughts on “Details, Details…

  1. Bravo, Trevor. It’s looking great (and the week before school goes back too!) Love your self-discipline and enthusiasm.

  2. So a fireox eh? I finally tired of Apple changing everything I typed so I turned off the auto correct yesterday – not sure you have that excuse.

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