Pioneer Models

After many years of resisting the temptation of becoming involved in the commercial side of this hobby I’ve decided to put my money where my mouth is and have become involved in a commercial venture we’re calling Pioneer Models. At this stage Pioneer Models is involved in the possible production of one 1:43.5 scale rtr brass locomotive model, the NSWGR, (C)32 class 4-6-0. Perhaps the really unique feature of this model is that we’re seeking to fund it by web-based crowd funding. We’re not sure funding a locomotive project by this method will work but we think it’s worth a try.

Pioneer is a completely separate venture to anything I will be talking about on this blog, so this is the first and possibly last time I will refer to it here. I respect your right to be left alone and free from commercial content on this blog. If I want to yammer on about the production of a commercial model I’ll set up another blog. I’ve added a link to the Pioneer Models blog we’ve set up on the side bar of the main blog page or you can follow the link in by clicking on the link in the name above.

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