Paint My Wagon

I managed to finalize the painting and applied to decals to the FRH wagon I was working on late last year. I applied a coat of etch primer and then a coat of grey enamel over that from an aerosol can. I can’t remember applying the top coat to many models with an aerosol enamel in my time modelling. The paint was full gloss and the reason I used an aerosol can is that at the moment using my compressor and air brush is a bit difficult, especially at night with only limited time to set up. I purchased the cans I used for the top coat from Bunnings and looking at this photo my judgement is that the colour is a couple of shades lighter than that which is on the cap. I need a dark charcoal grey and this is a mid grey and not really dark enough.

This photo shows the FRH prior to weathering.

This photo shows the FRH prior to weathering.

Other than the shade of grey this test was reasonably successful. The paint covered well, it was convenient to use, retailed for about $8 a can and there’s probably enough left in the can to do about two more wagons. I used a full gloss which provided a great base for the decals (available from O-Aust) and then I dulled this down with Dullcoat. This also came out of an aerosol can. I’m not all that concerned about the lightish colour, I can darken it down with some Weathered black and powders. I’d like to track down a darker full gloss spray enamel in an aerosol so anyone with a suggestion is welcome to post a comment.

This is an O-Aust CV painted in the same colour as the FRH.

This is an O-Aust CV painted in the same colour as the FRH.

1 thought on “Paint My Wagon

  1. Trevor;
    As to the lightness of colour of the FRH, to my memory the body colour is about right for a car in service for about 5 years. With weathering I think that the car will look even more right. I do agree though that the trucks and under car areas need to be darkened, but again with weathering I think that you’ll find that the car comes up ‘exactly right’ for the period you are modelling.

    I remember seeing these opposite platform 1 and 2 at blacktown in the mid 1970s through to mid 1980 and the gunmetal always lightened in service (as expected) to a very dusty medium grey fairly quickly. Ah the good old days with a 48 class idling on the goods loops near platform 2.

    Happy memories. Not much use on the CV as I don’t remember ever seeing these in service. But once again with some weathering and general grime I think that you’ll find a much better eye appeal.


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