Version 2.5

I’ve been extremely busy since my last post but I decided to call it quits a little early this afternoon and took a little time to make some tweaks to the Musclebroook plan I posted last time. A read the comments and started to realise that almost all of the suggestions were things I’d thought of already. The one exception was putting the large Garratt turntable underneath the benchwork of Merriwah. This hadn’t occurred to me and it does make sense to place this partially under the benchwork. The benchwork of Merriwah is already set above that of the turntable scene and dropping the turntable scene a couple of extra centimeters to make the clearance available a little more generous was an easy fix. There’s room to lower the benchwork a little so a spinning Garratt won’t bang its steam dome on the underside of the benchwork. So I’ve re-drafted the plan:

This is a redrafted version of the plan I posted a couple of weeks ago.

This is a redrafted version of the plan I posted a couple of weeks ago.

I appreciated Chris’s suggestion that I look into the ammunition siding at Myambat. I’ve managed to find a track plan of this Commonwelth siding and I’ve added this to the plan and changed the location from Gungal to Mayambat at the same time. This is a perfect, “out-of-the-way” type of industry that only received the occasional wagon load for this location on the layout and it allows the inclusion of a couple of different types of wagons that otherwise wouldn’t probably make an appearance. At the same time I’ve taken the opportunity to add some gentle curves into the branch line trackage at Dan’s suggestion. I would have included these anyway but drawing straight lines is less work when you’re busy so these didn’t make them onto the last version of the plan. See I do listen Dan ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve also taken the opportunity to add a small extension to the stock siding at Merriwah and label this as a Shell siding. I like tank wagons!

I got Peter K from O-Aust to send me an LCH coal hopper kit to make an assessment of whether it would be suitable to create the coal train/s I have planned for this layout. Generally speaking I’ve found the castings of high quality and the problem I’ve heard about these wagons having a fragile brake assembly has been overcome by supplying this part of the kit as a brass casting rather than a urethane one. They’re expensive at $140 per kit but I reckon I might be able to squeeze a discount out of Peter if I buy multiples. We’ll have to see about that ๐Ÿ™‚

1 thought on “Version 2.5

  1. Hi Trevor nice work with the plan.
    The rework’s are just how I was thinking when I suggested them, the use of Myanbat as a suggested location with the similar format of the platform before the loop works well and actualy gives a quite long siding, you could use this siding as a 2 spot siding, the end of for the defence wagons and the section infront of the platform as a general goods vehicle may even be able to squeeze in a low relief loading bank at this position, this will give extra shunting work for the operators making a branch line mixed goods turn a very interesting run and will need some thought by the operators on how to shunt the sidings in the most effective way esp if you work a wagon card system like some US modellers do would give added interest than just spotting any wagon at the locations.

    For example a S truck with a removable crate load arives at Musclebrook in a main line goods train from Newcastle and is left to be added to the branch line train, then it makes its way up the branch to be shunted at Myanbat to the defence siding, once spotted at the defence siding it would have the load removed and may be picked up in the next train to be loaded at Merriwah with a load of wool bales (another removable load) then return to Musclebrook to be collected by a main line train then off to Newcastle “the staging yard”.
    That one S truck has now been part of 5 trains and at least 7 items of operation 9 if you count the action of unloading and loading at the location along the line.
    Mainline train from Newcastle to Mussclebrook — Shunting to form branch train — Branch train to Myanbat — Branch train Myanbat to Merriwah — Return Branch train to Mussclebrook — Shunting to form the Mainline train — Mainline train to Newcastle

    Just to give you more things to think about whilst travelling in the car to and from work Trevor now how many wagons do you have and what creative loadings can you come up with.
    Happy ModelOing

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