New Aus7 Blog

I’ve spent quite a bit of time just recently working on a new blog for the Aus7 Modellers Group which you can visit right here. Why don’t you pay it a visit and let me know what you think. Of course it is likely to have some similarities as it was built by me but it has a much wider O-scale focus than what I’m up to alone. As we get more content and upload it I’m hoping it will be of interest to the widest possible audience so please contribute if you can. There are a few pages calling for contributions so just send me message if you want to contribute something.

Thanks to Trevor Marshall for his helpful advice and to all the executive members of the Aus7 Modellers Group who have been putting up with my constant calls for content and help over the last few days as I’ve built the site.

1 thought on “New Aus7 Blog

  1. I like the effort you have gone to with the new Aus7 Blog. There is a lot to look over and I like the fact you have some video clips for people to see the modelling done in O scale. Well done!

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