A Chapter Closes

The last three weeks have been some of the most personally confronting of my life. So much has changed for me in such a short time and I would not have believed a few weeks ago that I would be contemplating selling my home and relinquishing my train room. The irony of where I’ve reached in the building of my layout literally makes me smile; I had planned to have the Queens Wharf basically rebuilt to stage where it could essentially be “plugged” into the new enlarged plan and be compatible with Morpeth and I had planned to finally do something about the woefully inadequate storage and arrangement of my papers, books and modelling materials. As of today I have essentially reached exactly the stage I had hoped to and now I have to essentially stop and adjust my plans.

While Queens Whrf is not realy finished it is refurished; trains are running, the new track is wired up, the backdrop is installed and h fascia is painted and in place. The final stage will be to shift the statio platform down th line and to fill theholes in the senery. You can see my new bookshelf in this shot.

While Queens Wharf is not really finished it is refurbished; trains are running, the new track is wired up, the backdrop is installed and the fascia is painted and in place. The final stage will be to shift the station platform further down th line and to fill the holes in the scenery. You can see my new bookshelf in this shot beyond the central leg.

A couple of people I’ve told about this change of plans have reacted in quite a dumbfounded way and this is not hard to understand. Haven’t I just had the train room lined and painted? Haven’t I just had a hole cut in the wall to let trains run through? Haven’t I just spent the last 6 months chopping up my layouts to get them to fit into he room? Well…yes! But no one ever said you could plan life. In having my train room lined and painted I had expected to have about 5 more years to work on the layout there but the sudden death of my mother has changed all that. It may take a couple of years but my partner and I have decided that over the next two years we’re going to build a new home together. This might not be such a big change if I had little expectation of a new train room but she’s been unreasonably generous in our initial discussions and I find myself facing the prospect of a bigger room with no stairs intruding into the space. So it’s not so much that I’ll be pulling the Morpeth Line down in the next two weeks, in fact that’s unlikely to happen for at least 12 months (anyway it’s built in sections that can be reassembled in the new space). However what my recent progress has taught me is that even if you think a modular layout will fit in a new room it still needs a nip and tuck to get the most from it. Quite suddenly, and very unexpectedly, I don’t feel I can continue working on the layout without half the effort being wasted if I have to rip it all up again in about 18 months time.

So have I decided to follow Trevor Marshall’s suggestion in his Port Rowan blog and take up macrame when his sewer pipe started leaking into his basement? ๐Ÿ™‚ Well no, I’m not but equally I’m not exactly sure what hobby activity will fill the next two years when I’m not slaving and toiling getting the new house built. My immediate reaction was that I’d probably build a couple of locomotives and some rolling stock and this could certainly be one productive pathway. However if I do end up selling my home I will be living a slightly more gypsy like existence than I have over the last 5 years and I’ve learned from experience that undertaking one of the more complex tasks this hobby has to offer while living in unsettled circumstances is not necessarily a sensible plan.

So what to do? Well having been provided with the approximate dimensions of my new train room by the better half I’ve already nutted out a plan that will give me pretty much enough layout to keep me busy until my 120th birthday. As I plan to live till I’m 140 this should work out fine. As I won’t have anything to write about maybe I’ll just close the blog down for a couple of years. I have a feeling no one will notice. Well that is no one except a certain manufacturer who obviously scours my every post looking to see if I’ve mentioned his outstanding range of photo backdrops. You see when I said in a recent post that I had purchased my new backdrop from Wuiske Models what I should have mentioned is that these are a joint production between Wuiske Models and Haskell Co. Jump online and buy a few meters of these excellent products ๐Ÿ™‚

7 thoughts on “A Chapter Closes

  1. Sorry to hear of your loss but sounds like something good will come from it. My mother’s death in early January helped make retiring June 30 a reality.

    As to trying to model railroad while leading a gypsy existence that has been the story of my life for more than 10 years. I became a collector of “stuff” to use in the future and a layout dreamer. Even when I bolted 8’+ of On30 layout to the wall I knew it would come down sooner rather than later — it did in the fall of 2012 and it is still in storage.

    Plan well and dream of the day that you get back to work!

  2. Trevor, sorry about your Mum. I hope you decide to continue to post on your blog. So much of what railway modellers do is not just the layout. Certainly your modelling endeavours alone are more than enough reason to continue. You never know how many fledgling O scale modellers may be on the brink of tipping into the full O!
    I look forward to your posts, hope it all goes well, whatever you decide,

  3. Trevor, I would be disappointed if the Blog didn’t continue, I have really enjoyed the journey and would certainly miss it if there was a long break, but ultimately the decision is yours. I will look forward to the next chapter.. whenever that is.

  4. Trevor you have simply confirmed the recurring phenomenon of layouts being relocated just when their location is thought to be finalised. Cheers john


  5. Trevor, you know as well as I do that we would never advise a students to stop doing something they loved because some circumstance has made it not possible at that very moment. We would instead say “find a way to stay connected until your circumstances change”.
    So keep writing; we like hearing your thoughts on all kinds of things. Build a few kits, review a book or magazine, muse on changes in the hobby, talk about your favourite models and modellers… I like your writing. Don’t deprive me of my simple pleasures!
    Cheers mate,
    Lindsay O’Reilly.

  6. Trevor

    Sorry to hear about your Mum, my Mum is 86 and my Dad is 89 so the future will hold something similar for me.

    Don’t give up the blog, it will give you a focus and we would like to hear from you now and again. Anyway the hobby doesn’t really go away at these times, there is always something to think about if not to do and that can be the subject of a post.

    Ray P

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