Slow Progress

Things have been moving slowly on the Morpeth line over the last few weeks but progress has been made. I’ve been working on installing short sections of track on Queens Wharf to allow this section of the layout to be wired up and tested. The sections of line bridging the gaps made by the extra length allowed in QW’s new home might be short but there are quite a few of them and handlaying track takes time.

Recently reading about the trials and tribulations of my Canadian friend and namesake Trevor Marshall, where he came close to having to rip the floor of his basement up to get at a sewer pipe, brought to mind my own mini-disaster about a week ago. I have owned my digital SLR for just over 10 years and since purchasing it I’ve made a habit of photographing just about everything I’m doing in the hobby. Model photography and writing about the photos I take can be described as the other half my hobby. About a week ago I managed to catch the edge of my foot on my camera’s tripod and down came the camera, smashing the camera’s lens, chipping a blue filter and damaging the thread of a UV filter I had attached to the lens at the time. What I was really worried about was the possibility that I’d damaged the body of the cameras as well as the obvious damage I’d done to the lens.

I was certainly upset by this but not devastated because the lens was a fairly cheap one and easily replaced. In fact the filters were about the same price as the lens and the blue one has turned out to be slightly more difficult to get a replacement for. I had been given a Nikon SLR by a friend a couple of years ago and I got this out and gave it a test run. This camera is a high-end model and is probably better than my Canon but its shutter was playing up and I couldn’t seem to get the exposures to work correctly. I really should read instructions shouldn’t I 🙂 What struck me was how lost I felt without my camera: I really felt cut adrift.I wanted my old Canon back! So in spite of outlaying a fair amount of money a couple of weeks ago for a new photo backdrop for the new section of the layout (that hasn’t even been built yet) I ordered a new Canon lens for my camera and it arrived in the mail today. For those of you interested in such things I took the opportunity to upgrade to a better lens with a longer focal length of 18-135mm. As is the way with these things the new lens was significantly more expensive than a straight replacement for my old lens would have been but this new lens will make taking photos slightly less challenging when I can’t get in as close as I’d like.

The lens seemed to work beautifully on the body of my camera but I won’t be about to really test it out till I get home to the layout and take some photos. In the mean time I’ll post a photo of one of the bridging sections of track on Queens Wharf I managed to take with the Nikon.

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