Byron Bay Simplex

Last weekend I took a trip a few kilometers down the coast to meet some friends and take some measurements and dimensions of a small shunting locomotive that used to run out to the pier at Byron Bay. Things have come a long way over the years at Byron with ultra high property prices and trendy eateries on every corner.

The small green Simplex locomotive sits in a small shed just up the line (now abandoned) from town. When I got close to town at 3 in the afternoon I was glad that I didn’t have to try to negotiate the traffic as the shed is located just prior to the madhouse that is Byron Bay’s main street.

When I arrived Bruce, John and the locomotive’s custodian had already eased the green frog (as the Simplex was affectionately known in days of yore by the locals) out of the shed so we set to and started photographing and measuring up a storm. When I say they eased it out of the shed I need to emphasize that this was done by hand with the help of a pinch bar.

With any luck this little locomotive might appear at some point as a kit in 7mm and then it can shuffle back and forth on Morpeth’s proposed pier. The thing is so ugly it’s beautiful! 🙂

1 thought on “Byron Bay Simplex

  1. I recently learned that it used to haul ex-NSWGT B (bogie) and C (4-wheel) class tram trailers. A very unusual prototype!

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