Why We Do It…

Over the weekend I attended my father’s 90th birthday celebration. Lunch was fun and it never hurts to be reminded how much we owe parents in terms of our genes: I’ve discovered a sense of humour is inherited because we had each other laughing like drains within five minutes of my arrival, although I’m not sure my sister or dad’s wife found us all that funny 🙂 In travelling down to Sydney for this event I was provided with plenty of free time to think as I sat on planes, hung around airport terminals and drove up the coast to attend the event.

I suppose what really got me thinking was spending time with my elderly father: it was very apparent that he was quite content with how his life had turned out and this got me thinking about whether I would feel the same when I reach his age. It came as a bit of a shock when I realized that my answer would be yes and that this was in no small measure due to my involvement in this hobby. Railway modelling is not the only thing I have in my life but it is one of the few things that I can say unreservedly has been consistently positive over the course of something like 25 years. In a life of ups and downs there really haven’t been too many downs about railway modelling and for this I’m extremely grateful. This is why I do “it”. I wonder about other people?

Over the last couple of days I’ve been gradually putting this new-found personal insight to practical use by doing some work on the layout. Last week some small packages arrived in the mail to allow me to finalize the scenery on the station module of the layout. I painted and installed some post and rail fencing and following on from this I started to plant some weeds and low shrubs along the front of the layout. I really enjoy this part of the hobby for some reason: perhaps the idea of carefully planting weeds appeals to the rather warped sense of humour I inherited from my father. I also think what appeals to me about this particular phase of working on a layout is being able to sit back and stare at what you’ve achieved. There’s a genuine sense of achievement in doing this because you can see what progress you’ve made through your efforts. After this I tend to take a photo or two and I thought I might share some I took today with you. I hope you enjoy seeing them as much as I enjoyed taking them.

2 thoughts on “Why We Do It…

  1. New photos are great. Your comments on life are right on too.

    My mother will be 93 October 10 and has definitely reached the end of the last act. My father passed in 1989 so it is as if she has had three lives — pre-marriage, 47 years of marriage and 24 after his death. All of those phases have been good in different ways.

    I will be 66 next week and look forward to the next phase of my life as I wind down my career through the 2015 legislative session. Had a contractor over last evening to get the garage train room built — I have the skills but back issues and lack of time are preventing my getting it done by myself. I think having my own room will make modeling much more enjoyable and definitely contribute to the quality of my retirement years.

    Model on!

  2. A hobby gives us a chance to get away from everything else, and concentrate on being ourselves – “me time”.
    This is important to mental well-being. A good hobby does it even better – quality me time!

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