Morpeth Station Opens For Business

Over the last weekend I essentially finished the station building for Morpeth. I don’t really consider any structure model completely “finished” until it’s permanently installed in its landscape, but when you glue the roof on and little people start congregating around things are getting pretty close to the end.

In spite of this milestone there were a few last-minute hitches that caused some frustration. As I neared the end of the modelling process for the station I had one last job to do to connect the building to the platform: each of the doorways needed a “stone doorstep” made from DAS modelling clay to cover the gap between the two substructure boxes, buildings and platform. I could only install these once the buildings were finally installed (and glued) permanently in place. I tend to hold off gluing big sub-structures like these together until the last possible minute just to ensure that everything is done and hunky dory. I glued the main building in place a week ago and the toilet block went in this weekend. After the main building went in a couple of weeks ago I made up some styrene formwork and laid down a small slab of DAS in the door openings for the three doors along the front of the main building. Can anyone see where this is going? For some reason it didn’t occur to me at the time that I’d also need to do the same with the four doorways on the side of the two buildings. This only dawned on me when I noticed the unsightly gaps at the bottom of these doors.

I’ve heard of removing a foot from your mouth and finger from your nether regions but what part do you extract when you’ve been a complete goose and overlooked something so obvious? 🙂 It wasn’t a big job to install the doorsteps in the remaining three doorways but DAS takes about 12 hours to dry completely and I had a programme of tasks in mind that I wanted to get done over the weekend and this was going to put me well behind. Anyway the doorsteps were installed and painted and most of the jobs got done but I didn’t get as far as I wanted and I had to be a bit creative with the programme.

In my opinion this stage in a modelling project is pure joy. If you want to experience what this hobby is all about you really should scratch build a structure. When you get to start adding the details if you aren’t in 7th Heaven then you need to take up another hobby! 🙂 I’ve spent a bit of time over the last couple of weeks assembling and painting some details that were to be installed on the platform: people, seats and trolleys. I also installed a couple of signs and weeds around the place. One of the big jobs that was left to complete was the angle braces on each of the awning posts. I received a little package in the mail last week that contained the castings for these items and they went in like a dream. There were 56 of them in all and the small cost of getting them cast was well worth not having to cut and carve them all one at a time.

So the station is just about complete. There are a couple more figures to install, all standing, when they are painted and the model needs to be permanently attached to the layout. However overall I can see the end of this project is fairly close and I’ll soon be able to set it in its landscape and move onto the next project.


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