The Scales Fall From My Eyes

In Oct I attended the AMRA’s exhibition in Sydney and saw Arakoola’s new backdrops for the first time. I shared some of the photos of the layout on this blog just after the exhibition. After the exhibition I settled down to working on my layout and didn’t take a great deal of notice of the backdrops on Morpeth: I didn’t go through any sort of epiphany in regard to my painted backdrops in spite of how impressed I was by Arakoola’s. I was happy with my painted efforts and anyway, Arakoola’s photo backdrops were over there in a box marked “new and scary” and my painted ones were over here in a separate box labelled “comfortable and familiar”. I never consciously compared them in my mind. After today I can understand why: I didn’t want to acknowledge what I should have from the start, that photo backdrops add enormously to the realism of a layout in a way that my paltry painted efforts fail to match.

This afternoon I had a friend drop by with some parts of a Queensland outline layout he’s working on in 1:48. We looked at what he’s doing and chatted about the track plan and then he got out a couple of 2mx450mm photo backscenes he’d purchased from Haskell Backscenes. We held them in place on his module and talked about how they looked and the simple truth is that they looked very good indeed. They are a high quality photo print on what appears to be a heavy, self adhesive backing. Just peel and stick! Then I made a fatal error by asking my friend if we could drape one of the backscenes over the backboard behind my station building:


I’m not exactly sure why I hadn’t seriously considered the use of photo backdrops in the past, possibly it was a combination of expense, not being sure how to disguise the seams on my very flat layout and fear of the new. Whatever the reasons I simply can’t ignore the impact simply draping one of these backdrops had on my layout. The difference was like chalk and cheese. I now have to find a way to use these backdrops on my layout and retrofit them to the section I have already completed.

Such is life….

1 thought on “The Scales Fall From My Eyes

  1. Good day Trevor,

    Impressive. I think what I’m most impressed with it is, the photo is just right on. A perfect model railroad scene.

    Out of just curiosity, do you know where the photo was taken? Is that some where in Australia?

    And always, nice work. And the water tower thing. I saw the pix of the prototype but had seen your “half-a” tank pix first. And had I not seen the prototype pix, your tank looked fine and right. I think tank works very well .

    Thank for the pix and have a good one,

    Jeff Smith Sunny Yuma, AZ.


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