New Morpeth Video

I posted a video a couple of weeks ago of my locos running on Morpeth. I’d originally intended to have this video show the completed segment of the layout, with all the scenery finished and the turntable working. I managed to get the turntable working properly last night after hooking it up. It played up when I first powered it up but luckily this was a simple matter to fix with some thicker wire and by eliminating the temporary arrangement I’d used to run it during early testing.

I’d watched locos turn on the table before but last night was the first time with the scenery surrounding it and with my only completed steam loco in attendance. Everything worked! This signified the end of a phase because this section of the layout is now complete. However it was more than this: I sat there and was going to turn out the lights and go upstairs but couldn’t resist giving 1919 just one more spin, then another, and another…

It was absolutely bloody magic and I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy the result on my little video.

2 thoughts on “New Morpeth Video

  1. Trevor wrote: It was absolutely bloody magic and I wanted to share. I hope you enjoy the result on my little video.
    So it was, the scenery is magnificent, the setting very realistic and as far as I am concerned, Trevor has produced as good and well detailed model as any I have seen. Only one problem, the dreadful DCC sound that detracts from Trevor’s very high modelling standard. No 19 class ever made noises like that, nor would any locomotive shunting ever make noises like that. Trevor has particularly high standards of scenic and modelling in general that should be appreciated by all, and certainly by me, but the sound system currently offered in this instance is so far away from the high standards set by everything else on the layout, that I am surprised that Trevor accepts this level of sound as is. So Trevor, is there any possibility the 19 class sound system will be improved in the near future? If so, your model would be approaching perfection.

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