Another Job Jobbed

One of my mother’s favourite sayings when having completed a task is to say “that’s another job jobbed”. This was on my mind this morning when I finished up the first section of the new lighting rig for Morpeth. After making some stands for this last week I was able to get stuck in over the last few days and get the lights hooked up and running. I’ll post some photos and details on this when I get some time.

After getting that job done it occurred to me that I could spend some time weeding the last few square cm of the layout or I could hook up the Powercab and run some trains: easy decision 🙂 I hauled the centre section of the layout out of the trailer and hooked it up as I’ll need to access it pretty soon as I begin construction on the station building and platform. Hooking two sections of layout up would give me somewhere to run the locomotives and test the points I’ve gummed up with laying ballast. After a bit of mucking about I got the 44 running and then found that I’d plugged in the lights incorrectly the last time I’ve pulled the body off so once I sorted this out I managed get it running with lights. Then 1919 got a run 🙂

I promised some video footage when I had things running and this is now on YouTube and available as a link below. I think this gives a pretty good idea of what the new scenery looks like. A bit of filming, some editing and then an upload and that was my Sunday gone. I told the better half that I really enjoy editing the video footage and maybe I should go into films: she resisted the temptation of saying that someone has to go out and buy the actors and the director lunch 🙂 I hope you like the footage, it shows the progress and I’ve managed to very carefully film around the last bit of scenery that is yet to be shrubbed up.

So some more jobs jobbed…

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