A Cure For Insanity?

There were a couple of other small highlights for me over the weekend at the Liverpool exhibition which I thought I might share:

– A friend of mine told me that this blog keeps him sane: when things seem to be really tough at work for him I make a posting on the blog, thus saving his sanity. I’ve driven a few people pretty close to the edge of insanity over the years but I hadn’t realized the strength of the curative powers of my blogging. I’d suggest that a hobby is a very good way of keeping your feet on the ground and there’s no better hobby than railway modelling in my book.

– For personal health reason a very good friend of mine decided to sell an O-scale locomotive he’d built from a kit. I offered to place it on the table on our stand to see if anyone made an offer. Late on my second day at the exhibition a well known personality who had a stand at the exhibition, and who has fairly recently fallen under the O-scale spell, came across and sat in front of the table and suddenly realised that the loco was up for sale. Boy did he look conflicted! I really enjoyed watching as he squirmed and pondered whether he’d buy the loco. Boy he’s got the O-scale bug bad! I wonder if his wife knows about this purchase? 🙂

– Early on Saturday morning I was walking around the stalls and one of the larger HO scale manufacturers had customers lined up three deep almost throwing money across the counter buying some new release. I asked the person I was with “what do you reckon they’re selling?”, to which he replied, “I have no idea”. In spite of us both being pretty serious ex HO modellers, neither of us had any idea what was getting so much attention at this stand and it was very evident how blissfully unaware we were of what was happening in the HO world. Long may it continue 🙂

– I was flabbergasted to see how tall Keiran Ryan’s son Tim had grown since the last time I’d seen him 12 months before. He won the President’s Cup in the modelling competition for a model of a station level signal cabin he’d scratch built. It was an excellent piece of modelling. How is it that a kid who I’m sure was only ten years old last year can be going for his driver’s license?

– It was nice to see the pilot models of the NSWR 1:43.5 C38 class from PSM on a stand at the exhibition. I heard quite a few comments about the locos over the weekend, not all of them flattering. I wasn’t all that impressed with the way these models were displayed: they were clearly visible but I think the LED lighting, used in the way it was, produced very harsh, somewhat unflattering shadows on the locomotives and made the colours look very cold. They are impressive models, I just don’t think the display was doing them any favours. I’ll post a photo.

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