Aus7 ExpO

I’m going to do a blatant plug in this post so just be warned.

I happen to be the President of the Aus7 Modellers Group, an Australian group of modellers who share an interest in O-scale modelling. A few years ago a member suggested that we look into holding a model railway exhibition that concentrated on O-scale. While the idea was a good one perhaps it was a few years ahead of its time: when this member tried to gauge the interest in holding such an exhibition he reluctantly came to the conclusion that there weren’t sufficient interest to hold such an event.

I helped form the Aus7 Modellers Group in 2004 so the organisation will be 10 years old in 2014. In spite of the failure progress holding an exhibition a couple of years ago I decided to try to have a shot at the idea and as such began trying to twist all my modelling friend’s arms in an attempt to get something organised in time to celebrate the group’s 10th birthday. The arm twisting seems to have worked because we’ve now selected a venue and set a date for the Aus7 ExpO, in first weekend in March, 2014.

Details have been posted on the web site of the Aus7 Modellers Group and you can download a brochure with lots of detailed information. You can find this a Look at the link on the left hand side of the page titled Aus7 ExpO.

We’re trying to encourage every scale modeller working in O (1:43.5, 1:45 or 1:48), no matter what the gauge or prototype to get involved and offer a layout to show at the exhibit. In addition we’re specifically trying to promote the idea of modellers in other scales getting involved by building a layout or display of some sort to show at the Aus7 ExpO.

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