1 thought on “B End Side

  1. Thanks for the comparison Trevor. The space between the rear bogie and the pilot on the Bergs model is more correct. To my eye the Bergs colour is too brown. The KHIAC is closer. Any chance of the Bergs production models having that shade of red I wonder? The yellow did seem to vary a bit over the life of the locos so either would seem acceptable.

    Rather hard to distinguish the variation in nose/windscreen treatment but to me the nose end drivers side window on both models is too small and square. Number 2 end seems OK.

    The NSWGR crest on the nose door seems too high on both although this may have been the correct for some. More often it seems to have been centred and in line with the lining around the nose. A bit picky I know, but I can’t help myself.


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