NSWR FR: Carriage Roof Fitted

Roof Fitted

This photo shows the basic shape and look of the FR car I’m working on. You can see the join of the two halves of the roof in the centre. Some excess glue oozed out and I’ve yet to clean this up. The mansard roof is glued in place, but the floor will be removeable through the use of small screws. Next I’ll apply some filler to the joins and sand this back with some wet and dry paper.

4 thoughts on “NSWR FR: Carriage Roof Fitted

  1. Hiya Trevor, thanks for the blog…. how u going to curve the top of the mansard roof – as it comes its too flat. cheers Nick

    • Nick,
      As these are not for me they have to match the other carriages being produced for the customer so I’m just producing them straight out of the box so the roof will stay as is. When I built my FO and CCA I simply put a bit of curve on the roof by sanding the mdf I made them from. That was simple. I have actually wondered wehether it wouldn’t be easier to make new roof blanks using a similar method because producing them was as easy as falling off a log.

  2. Trevor,

    Is there any chance you can post some photos of the original Morpeth layout? Ive scoured the net and cannot find any nor your email address to ask you.


    • Brodie,
      Both of those are on the Blog. Look further down the page for photos of Moreth and look at my profile to the right of the main page for the email address. The email address is there, I saw it a couple of days ago.

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