Milling The Floor

Milling The Floor

This photo shows the floor screwed to its MDF support base and clamped in the mill. The tool I’m using here is a 6mm end mill which came in a set. As these tools are designed to mill steel, working on a polyurethan casting is hardly going to cause it much trouble. The mill’s table is shown at just about the end of its travel, this is why I had to stop half way through the job and shift the casting down so that I could mill the other end. Once this side was done, I unscrewed the casting and simply turned it around and milled along the other side.

2 thoughts on “Milling The Floor

  1. Not to detract from your solution but having to go to this length to achieve a successful kit result makes me wonder if building from plans using traditional materials like balsa, ply or brass would be more straightforward. Maybe even MDF?

    • You may well be right Stephen but then I know that without the kit as a starting point I wouldn’t build the thing. It’s not a matter of going to these lengths, it’s more a matter of using the tools at hand. I worked for 20 years with files and emery paper, I now have a mill: it would be a shame not to use it because other people might feel I go a little far in getting the results i want.

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