Base Module

Base Module

This is the arrangement of the modules for Queens Wharf. The cross beams are dimensional pine (4X1) and the side beams are 25mmX25mm aluminium angle. I made two modules for this layout, each 1.5m long (5′) X 600mm (2′)and they are aligned using pattern makers dowels. You can see these as small black dots on the end beams. A friend cut all the circular holes to make the structure as light as possible and to allow wire runs. This was an awful job and I was glad not to have to do it šŸ™‚ The wood and aluminium are connected with construction adhesive and wood screws.

3 thoughts on “Base Module

  1. Hi Trevor – did you use 3mm thick aluminium angle or the 1.5 mm thickness? Do you find that the resultant modules are rigid enough? I’ve used hollow-core doors and pine framing before (minor warping and heavy, respectively) and would like to try something different – your module method looks good. cheers, andrew

    • Andrew – the method of baseboard construction illustrated in the photos on my blog produce a light, strong and warp free module. The baseboards on QW are actually about 8 years old and there has not been the slightest twisting or warping. The aluminium I used was 1.5mm thick, 25mm wide angle, readily available everyhere. These modules are really out of date as the ones on my new layout are a consdierable development on the system pictured.

  2. Thanks Trevor. Would be interested to see/hear of the improvements you have made with module construction for your new layout. cheers, Andrew

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