Making A Start

After prevaricating for a couple of years I’ve finally decided that it’s time to bore my friends by writing a model railway blog. I’ve been haunting Yahoo! groups for quite a few years now and I’ve gradually come to the conclusion that people who aren’t members of these groups might be interested in my modelling projects. A blog seems like a convenient way to let people know what I’m up to.

So what can you expect from this blog? I plan to focus on my 7mm scale modelling activity which will fall into two main categories

– The progress I’m making on the building of my new “Morpeth” layout.

– The 1:43.5 scale locomotives I plan to construct over the next few years. These will be built from kits and from scratch.

I’ll make no promises about the frequency of my posts but I will make this commitment: when I’ve got something worth showing you I’ll write a post and upload a photo. When I have nothing worth posting I’ll keep quiet.

The focus will be very much on modelling in all it’s aspects with only the occasional diversion onto the prototype. My interests are pretty broad so you can expect me to cover a fairly broad range of topics.

If you like something then let me know and I’ll try to keep up the good work. Constructive criticism is also welcome.

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